Vendor Booth Food

Commercial: Retail, advertising and non-handmade items
Food: Vendors who make fresh food onsite.

AECO SRL Contact: Adrain Enache Email:

Items: NEW ITEMS : DEEP FRIED FROG LEGS, FISH AND CHIPS, SHARK ON A STICK, ALLIGATOR ON A STICK, SAUSAGE ON A STICK OR WRAP, PORK LOIN  ON PITA,CHICKEN OR BEEF SOUVLAKI GREEK SALAD, Shawarma (Garlic Chicken Pita), Gyro grilled lamb or beef, Garlic Veggie Pita Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Deep Fried Egg Plant, Deep Fried Pickles, Haystack Onion Strings, Garlic Parmesan Fries, Greek  Fries, Pizza Fries, American Fries, Mexican Fries, Butterfly Potato Chips, Deep Fried Cheese Cake

The Corn Dog Company (On the Stick LLC) Contact: Jury Beddes Email: Website:


All beef hotdogs |Hand-dipped in our freshly-made cornbread-style batter Drizzled with honey, (thoughtfully) dressed with ketchup and mustard

Deep-fried dessert.  Milky Way or Snickers Hand-dipped in our freshly-made cornbread-style batter Drizzled with honey

a person cooking on the grill

Five Star Mobile Grill Contact: Alex Ortiz | Flor Rodriguez Email:

Texas Twisters Drink Contact: John Rawlings Email:

Frank’s Grille Contact: Shirley Frank Email:

Menu Items: Navajo Taco, Navajo Burger, Philly Steak, Ribeye Sandwiches, Drinks

Cody Coyote KettleCorn Contact: Robin Numetko Email: Website:

Menu Items: Kettle Corn, Italian Ice, Cotton Candy, Nachos, Pizza, Hot Dogs

Snack Central

Contact: Sheena Stewart Email:

Menu Items: Delicious snack size donuts

Brew it ….. Coffee To Go Contact: Tyra Brown Email:

Menu Items: Coffee Shop – We offer coffee drinks, espresso beverages, tea-based drinks, energized refreshers and breakfast and lunch items.

Williams Services Corp

Contact: Renton Williams Email:

Menu Items: Cotton Candy, Corn Dogs, Kettlecorn, Funnel Cakes, Snow cones & Lemonade

Big Water BBQ

Contact: Arnold Breen Email:

Website for Menu:

Thai Thai Spicy

Contact: Gia Romeo Email:

Thai Thai is on the streets cooking up Thai gourmet food for bay area to eat on the go. Our simple and healthy Authentic Thai style dishes are served in take away boxes


Contact: Karen Erwin-Mikulski

Email: Website:

Items: Who doesn’t enjoy fruit and chocolate??

Strawberry kabobs with multiple other items to build your masterpiece Kabob…..such as bananas, brownies, marshmallows and twinkies and then drizzled with white and milk chocolates! And frozen cheesecake on a stick….yes we said on a stick! and then drizzled with white and milk chocolate. Caramel apples like you haven’t had before….granny smith apple sliced open drizzled with warm caramel sauce, white chocolate and sprinkled with nutsAnd of course you can always find us by following the scent of our cinnamon roasted nuts……word of caution – they may be highly addictive and you can never have just one

Hawaiian Honey Cones

Contact: Christopher Monterroso Email: Website:

Unlike your ordinary ice cream cones, Hawaiian Honey Cones are made of 100% organic corn cane. Produced locally in Hawaii, it’s the healthiest alternative to traditional sugar based cones. They are gluten free and contain no high fructose corn syrup!  The magic behind our unique cone is the Hawaiian Honey Cone Machine which produces the hollow J-shape. Then we fill it with our special Hokkaido style vanilla ice cream from both ends. This is different from your typical ice cream cone because you get the crunch of the cone and the sweetness of the ice cream in every bite!

Rimview Terrace


Items: Mutton Sandwiches, Mutton Stew, Blue Corn Mush, Grill Cheese & Tomato Basil Soup, Tomato Mozzarella sandwich, Turkey Cranberry Sandwich, Salami Sandwich, Navajo Tea, Hot Cocoa, Coffee

delicious enchilladas on brown plate

The Enchilada Lady

Contact: Alexsia Esquibel Email:

Items: Beef Enchiladas, Tamales, Chili Dog Bowl. Posole, Cup’O’ Zia Corn, Nachos, Nachos, Hot Cheetos W/Cheese (SM/LG), Green Chili Stew W/Tortilla, Soft Drinks

Southwest Smokers/Due Mani Pizza

Contact: David Pauley Email:

Items: Wood fired brick oven pizza slices, soda, and water

JPZ Concessions

Contact: John P. Ortega Jr. Email:

Items: Loaded Carne Asada Fries, Loaded Carne Asada Nachos, Street Tacos, Funnel Cakes, Ribbon/Curly Fries, Texas Giant Corn Dogs, Fresh Fruit Drinks.

Stay Grounded, LLC

Contact: Shannon Black Email:

Item: Coffee, Tea, Pasties

close up of coffee beans in bowl
strawberry shake

Drink It

Contact: Rikki King Email:

Items: Smoothies