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Vendor Booth Art & Crafts

Arts & Craft Vendors: Who Hand-Make, create, assemble or manufacture at least 70% of the finished product.

Vendor Information

Arts & Crafts

Badass Bajas

Items: Handmade doggy baja shirts, adult & kids bajas, bags, backpacks, beanies, zip bajas, blankets

Old Goat Turners

Items: Hand made items turned on a wood lathe: Pens, Pencils, Seam Rippers, Bottle Stoppers, Rings.

Red Rock Creations


Items: I sell prints of original aviation art. Most of it is focused on World War II, with some more recent work branching into more modern aviation. I also do iconic southern Utah landscape, mostly landmarks along the Colorado River. I may focus on only one theme for a single 10×10′ this year, probably with the latter being more appropriate.

Svetlana Recce

Items: Hand Knitted Items: Hats, Gloves, Socks, Blouses, Scarfs, Toys. Etc.

Fernando Torgenson

Items: Woodworking and Wind Chimes

Grand Circle Arts Alliance

Items: Photography Prints, Acrylic Paintings, Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Candles, Teas, Tinctures, Balms, Lotions, Laser Cut Wood Art, Stickers, Jewelry, Wire Work, Leather Work, Tie Dye

Akron Apothecary and Botanica

Items: Natural Handmade Bar Soaps, Botanical Self Care products, Vegan Options

Klays Essentials Creations

Items: Candles, Room Sprays, Bath Salts, Car Diffusers

Colby Crafts

Items: Hand crafts Ink Pens & Flowers

Live Your Best Life-LLC

Items: Live Your Best Life is a variety Boutique specializing in uniqueness and hard to find items. We prides ourselves in bringing fantasy and imagination to all our shows. With our 3D print Art bringing Dragons and fairytale creatures to life is are passion. As a variety store we also have children’s fairytale dresses, knight costumes, dragon & Unicorn capes. Children’s top quality brand plush items and unique toys along with high quality healing fidgets to help people like our CEO who has ADD or ADHD. To go along in this category we carry adult quality spinner rings, bracelets and children’s spinner rings as well. We also have Stainless Steel Men’s Celtic Jewelry, Sterling Silver dancing diamonds sets, sterling silver rings and costume to jewelry to fit everyone’s budget. In our Women’s category we have Beautiful Celtic and handmade dresses from India, Loungefly backpacks/Purses and do carry a small amount of light up swords and costume swords. You’ll always find something tantalizing at Live Your Best Life!

Dakota Sorenson

Items: Hand Crafts Wreaths for all season and events

Kicked Out Creations

Items: Hand Crafted Tumblers

Inflow Leather Possibles

Items: Pet Portraits, Gemstone Bracelets, Merchandise for Page Animal Adoption Agency, Pet toys & Clothing


BBurr Jewelry

Items: Hand crafted jewelry and accessories

Jewelry Fit for Life

Items: Fine genuine sterling silver, tungsten carbide, stainless steel, lab diamonds, gemstones in all types of jewelry etc. Our featured item is the Ten Commandments bracelet.

Andi’s Jewelry

Items: Name rings, personalized bar necklaces, Dig out your own pearl kits, earrings, keychains and misc jewelry

Jewelry by Jo

Items: Gemstone jewelry in sterling silver. Contemporary and Southwest Necklaces, Earrings Rings and bracelets for women and men


Item: Authentic Navajo Handcrafted jewelry and pottery

Verna Mountain Arts & Crafts

Items: Native jewelry, pottery, sterling silver, and hand strung necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Cherly Yazzie

Items: Native American authentic jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, handmade beadwork, handmade dreamcatchers, etc.


Items: Handmade jewelry and accessories


Items: Sterling silver, and hand strung necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Native Arts & Crafts

Items: Native American authentic jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, handmade beadwork, handmade dreamcatchers, etc.

Clothing & Miscellaneous

New York Fashion


Crafts and Bakery La Antigua

Items: Textiles bags, wallets, t-shirts, shorts, blouses, beals, blankets, jackets, beads necklaces, brazalets, purses, stuffed animals, keychains, other items.

Eye Cany Gear

Items: Eye Candy Gear is a premium eyewear brand that offers quality polarized sunglasses and goggles at a price consumers can afford.  Much of our product is handcrafted and made with genuine wood and makes us very unique as well.

Saanii Up

Items: Hand-made apparel, stickers and accessories created by our family-owned business.


Items: Clothing

Aloha’Oe Salon & Spa

Items: Lotions and potions

Cute Creatures N’ Supplies LLC.

Items: Goldfish


Items: Shirts, hoodies, beanies, socks, bags


Charles Goodrich Rockologist

Items: Rock & Minerals

Sheng Gift Trading

Items: Hair accessories, Jewelry, Chinese gifts, Squishy, Spinners, Toys, Children’s Hats, Balloons, Light-Ups, Toys

Notorious Knives

Items: Camping equipment, Knives, Swords.

Leather and Kin

Item: Leather products, Bags, Purses, Accessories

Rivera Toys

Items: Keychain, necklaces, bracelets, rings, backpacks, umbrellas, hats, mask, toys, light up toys etc.

Anime World

Anime Items, Plush Toys

Copter Flash Toys

Items: Camp Copter they fly in the air and helicopter down – has a LED light for nighttime. LED light up flower crowns, light up foam wands, light up Hot Air Balloon Pins. Handmade Journals with hand died paper and Handmade beaded Pens. Fun things for the kiddos.

Lake Powell Paddleboards

Items: Souvenirs such as shirts, hats, stickers, jewelry, etc.

Sage Lady Trading Co.

Items: Handcrafted lotion, body oil, sugar scrub, body wash, lip gloss, essential oil rollers, smokeless smudge. Custom notebooks, mugs, greeting cards, water bottles, key chain, and more.


Items: Apparel clothing

CJ World

Items: Misc Items

Lake Powell Ford

Items: Information

Madhatter Facepainting

Items: Face painting for the family

Trophy Real Estate, AZ

Items: The purpose of the booth is to promote Trophy Real Estate, AZ and the services the company provides in the Page area. This includes promoting the properties currently listed by Trophy. In addition, Trophy Real Estate, AZ will be providing a free market analysis to any interested individuals and will aslo be showcasing our marketing capabilities.

Antelope Point Marina

Items: Information on Antelope Point Marina

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