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Vendor Booth Art & Crafts

Arts & Craft Vendors: Who Hand-Make, create, assemble or manufacture at least 70% of the finished product.

Vendor Information

Native Arts & Craft

Contact: Natrina Bigthumb Email: 

Items: Handmade Native American arts & crafts- beaded jewelry – silver jewelry – pottery

CJ World

Contact: Sammy Jeong Email:

Items: Native American design blankets & toys

BBurr Jewelry

Contact: Brenda Burr Email:


New York Fashion

Contact: Britta Chon Email:

Grand Circle Arts Alliance

Contact: Gail Unger Email:

Items: Arts & Crafts from local artist

Cheryl’s Arts

Contact: Cheryl Yazzie Email:


Charles E. Goodrich “Rockologist”

Contact: Charles Goodrich Email:

Items: Affordable Quality Minerals – Herkimer’s in Matrix – Green Pertrified Wood

Verna Mountain Art & Crafts

Contact: Vern Mountain: Email:

Items: Native American arts and crafts, pottery 

Running Wolves Ent., LLC

Contact: Mike & Bev Pedone Email:

Items: Leather Goods

Laura Creations 

Contact: Laura Gutierrez Email:

Items: Handbags

AZcrafts Co. 

Contact: Gayle Dalgai Email: 

Item: Handmade Items 


Contact: BeaJay Morgan Email:

Andi’s Jewelry

Contact: Andrea Griffin Email:

Desert Rose Butters & Imports

Contact: Yemisi Phone: 928-693-5383 Email:

Items: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Natural Body Soaps and Care Product. Gift items.

Off Price

Contact: Ranena Yellick Email: 

Items: Clothing

Andi’s Jewelry

Contact: Andrea Griffin Email:

Etch Creations

Contact: Luchana Thompson Email:

Lisa Woody


Items: Native American Jewelry 

Magical Creations by D

Contact: DeeDee Kennedy Email:

Items: Custom creations to come to life, tumblers, t-shirts, straw to

Paul Spaeth Photography

Contact: Paul Spaeth Email:

Items: Local Lake Powell Reflection phots

Jewelry by Jo

Items: Silver Handcrafted Jewelry

Old Goat Wood Turners

Contact: Andrew Walker Email:                       

Items: Hand Crafted Writing Instruments and Other Turned Items: Inks Pens, Bottle Stoppers, Seam Rippers, Diamond Painting Pens, Key Rings

DnR Freeza Dry LLC

Contact: Rebecca Moyer Email: 

Items: We take your favorite candy that goes from hard, chewy, and sticky to puffy, airy and with a more intensified flover in every bite!

Name Art/Gift

Contact: Hyang Yi Email:


Notorious Knives

Items: Knives\Swords

Sheng Gift Trading

Contact: Cheng Liu Email:

Items: Novelty Gifts for all ages

Deerwater Native Treasure

Items: Native American arts and crafts

Henna Octopus

Contact: Jessica Jones Email:

Items: Henna Tatooing

Printing Adventures LLC

Contact: Karla Wilkerson Email:

Items: Printing Adventures is here for all your printing needs whether it be a T-Shirt or a coffee mug we can specialize it for you or somebody special in your life!

Live Your Best Life!

Contact: Denise Coffman Email:


City of Page


Madhatter Face Painting

Items: Face painting

Lisa Woody

Email: Items: Native American jewelry

Gunfighter Canyon LLC

Contact: Ashton Bovial Email: Items: Clothing, Firearm Accessories, Coffee Products

Too Glow Sports Bottle

Native Arts & Crafts by Michelle Curley

Contact: Michelle Curley Email:

Items: Jewelry

Klays Essentail Creations

Contact: Ian Isabel Klay Email:

Items: Scented candles, room sprays


Contact: LaChrisa Maloney Email:


Yahzii Dineh Arts & Craft

Contact: Theresa Tsinnijinnie-Yazzie Email:   Items:

Akorn Apothecary

Contact: Zoe Haltom Email:

Items: All natural, handmade soaps and self-care products.

Lake Powell Paddleboards

Contact: Max & Libby Lapekas Email:


Infinity Home Care/Hoolaagoo Homecare

Contact: Elisa Brown Email: Website:

Item: Information

Aloha ‘Oe Salon

Contact: Summer Marquis Email: Website:


Kicked Out Creations

Contact: Nickelle Button Email:

Item: Specially designed cups and mugs for your friends & family Also selling the official cups & mugs for The Page, AZ Balloon Regatta & Page Chamber Street Fair 

Leather & Kin

Contact: Adelle Twibey Email:

Items: Leather Handbags, Totes, Travel Packs, Wallets, Duffels, Scarves

Lake Powell Ford

Contact: Dave Blake Email: Website:

Items: Information

Svetlana Recce

Contact: Svetlana Recce Email:

Items: Handcraft items

Jewelry Fit For Life LLC

Contact: Jaime Scarlet Email:

Canyonlands Water Distribution

Contact: Nicole Email: Items: Local filter water for home or office deliver.

Phillip Scott

Email: Items: T-Shirts & Mugs with Native American designs

American Windspinners

Contact: Donna Frazirer Email: Items: 


Contact: BeaJay Morgan Email: 


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